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What Size is Body Positivity?

Since I posted about Body Positivity during the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, I have received a variety of responses. I thought it would be important to address some of the negativity since those comments seemed to come from folks who’ve completely missed the point.


Ignorant people do have a redeeming quality: they can change.

But it takes effort and a whole lot of consciousness. It takes unlearning things from a difficult childhood, releasing old hangups, and forgiving the crap that society has told them is true.

body positive, body positivity, any size, body shaming, inclusivity, intentionalism, feminism, feminist

I have read articles about how thin, attractive people should have nothing to say about body image.

You’re already perfect, so stop thinking you belong among the masses who aren’t. But I truly believe that a positive body image has very little to do with what size you are. That it affects all of us, no matter what category or stigma we find ourselves in. We all have the right to contribute our voices to this movement and it’ s important not to censor one another.


Our brains are programmed to believe everything we tell it, so it’s never too late to start giving it new and improved information.

So Called Mom