How to Transform into a Fit Mom

I just hired a personal trainer—online. This goes against all my so-called principles; I rant and rave about the web/screen use feeding social detachment.  But here I am:  needing motivation to work out and not having time or money to have an in-person relationship.
I’m not a gym rat. I like to workout at home or outdoors. I need flexible times. And I’m not personally loaded.  I’m sure this all sounds familiar.
so-called mom yoga
Until now, I’ve been able to motivate myself.  I’m oddly disciplined about exercise, maybe given the decades of dance and yoga I’ve practiced.  I like to think I’m in pretty good  shape for having birthed five out of our seven kids, but I’ve plateaued.  I think it’s time to go the extra mile.  I want to see where I get in 4 weeks under this remote trainer’s dominating reign.
My reasons for going with Ainsley are simple. First, she reached out to me on Instagram and asked how she could help. I love that. Second, her website is remarkable. She speaks the truth about getting to the bottom of what you need to be eating for your body in order to feel great, in addition to looking great. She’s fierce (in the workout room, in menu-planning, in kindness). She’s upbeat and encouraging. What more could a So-Called Mom want?
I’d like to add that being a fit mom is a challenge in and of itself. But it contributes to my whole purpose for writing this blog: To put an end to the stories we tell ourselves about motherhood.  I want to change what having five kids looks like. I want to look ripped and have amazing energy and be able to drop jaws after saying: I’ve had five kids. I want to set the bar that moms can be fit and sexy and yes, put themselves first without feeling guilty. When you have kids, you are bringing them into your life. They aren’t bringing you into theirs. And keeping this perspective is better for everyone in the family—because you will never loose sight of yourself, and they will learn about self worth from the best example available: their mom.
So Called Mom Fitness
I also want to bust the “but I’ve had kids” myth. Having kids should motivate you—to look better, eat better and feel better. They are watching us, so be the change you wish to see in them. There is no time like now to get started.
So what do you say? Are we in this together? I’m so excited to share this journey with you. So let’s quit making excuses and let’s get fit, moms! We are only limited by ourselves. If I can do it, there is no reason you can’t.
Bring it on,
So-Called Mom

Me Time Part 2: Stay in Shape

The toughest thing about being a mom – or at least the thing that my friends and I complain most about – is staying in shape. There’s no time; it’s too hard to get to the gym or yoga studio – or I waste money because I never go; there’s no privacy. I’m here to argue that it’s so important for your sanity, that you need to make time. It’s not an option to do nothing. What follows is my simple fix.

I have four things I try to rotate on a regular basis (and I’m not suggesting you try all four, but just for options):  yoga, dance, strength training, and things for flexibility or stretching.

My rule of thumb is simplify!  I do most of my exercises in my bedroom. I wear as little as possible (so I can see my muscles at work), add some music and let it rip. It is me time with the aim of being disrupted as little as possible.  Of course, this rarely happens, but as we say in yoga, it helps me to stay “On the mat” – which means stay focused.  I used to stop what I was doing when they burst through the door, but I have learned to keep going and they either camp out on my bed and watch or even join in.


I use a blank wall for balance exercises and my dresser like a ballet barre, and the small space around my bed for everything else. Sometimes I focus on resistance training basics – you know, those exercises we all used to hate (and still do!)—I do as many sit-ups as my abs can handle, 10 pushups and about 120 leg lifts and lunges on each side. We have a pull up bar installed in our bedroom doorway, and I do 6 pull ups.  Of course, butt exercises are a must.

Always push yourself – easy to say; hard to do. But try to always increase the reps.  When you do pushups, start with ten and add one more every other day.   The same for plies and planks and any other exercise in your routine. Mix it up.  And most importantly, breathe. If you are holding a difficult pose, picture it as one of life’s challenges.  Picture the air intake enveloping the muscle group you’re working on and use it to breathe out as a stronger woman.

Remember to use your workout time as your time. Let your kids see you taking care of yourself, there is no need to hide behind a locked door or stow them in childcare at the gym all the time. My kids see me dance in the kitchen when I’m putting dishes away. I read vogue while sitting in pigeon pose. When you integrate simple activity like this into your daily routine, and stagger it throughout the day, you give your metabolism and mood a boost. And, you don’t let a lack of time (or money) be your only excuse to getting the strength and endurance you want to feel great.

At the very end of the day, unwind in a tub of epsom salts, stretch out and massage your sore muscles in the warm water. You’re worth it after all!

Your Simple Fitness Guru,

So Called Mom