The World Needs More Strong Girls

I have four girls age 9 – 15.  Each are strong in their own way; each more different than the rest.

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Milla is my second girl, and at 14-years-old, she is very much her own person. Earlier this year she announced to the family that she was a lesbian – a pretty big admission for someone so young. Ever since, I have been encouraging her to keep carving her own path. While she has no trouble doing this,  I’m still a bit  nervous for when she enters high school this fall. Milla describes herself as “odd,” and I think that’s pretty self-aware for a kid.

My goal  is to help protect her sense of difference in a high school culture where being the same is critical for inclusion – and usually safe from being teased and bullied.Feminism, LGBTQ, Teenagers


I have total confidence that she will ultimately find her way, because she doesn’t share my fears. She’s utterly committed to who she is and has a few really smart things to say about being a strong woman.


Milla is a hero in her own right, not because she’s wise beyond her years or possesses a voice that can rock the nation at 14 years old — it’s that she already  honors herself first. She’s up for the challenging road ahead; having chosen to oppose conformity even though she knows that makes her an outlier, even in a so-called progressive city like Portland.

She is courageous and taking an active role (whether she fully knows it or not) in establishing the new “normal”.

Feminism, LGBTQ, Self Love, Teenager

This is a great example of feminism that goes against the grain of stereotypes. The stigma of feminists is that of a loud, in-your-face activist female, an image ingrained after years of seeing and hearing about only this one narrative. And while we love, embrace and honor these brave souls, there are many faces of feminism.

You can be a strong, self-assured and uncorked 14 year old with a mission.

It’s about being  the persistent, unstoppable, you.

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  1. Wow she does sound wise beyond her years for sure! She also sounds very sure of herself which I admire, I don’t think I had myself that figured out until well into my twenties. Very strong girl indeed!

  2. As father of a strong willed and creative daughter, I get this. My Becky has always been her own person and she can do “boy things” like archery and fencing and shooting and driving a stick shift better than those “boys” can. She can be a bit intimidating to insecure guys. I think that is a good thing.

    She also has her own unique sense of style, half way between Goth and Viking. Worked in a career in gemology for a while, burned out, and now is going back to school to be a museum curator. Very smart lady.