Back to School for the 13th Time

Back to school will never be my friend. Each and every year I make significant attempts to do it right and each and every year the universe is all like: Nope.

I start out doing this silly thing like wanting to offer choices and be inclusive: yes we can go to all of the stores together and meander through the aisles like you were an only child or a child of two, three, four or even five.

It goes from this to a mad realization that school starts tomorrow in the blink of an eye and oh yeah, let’s not forget that it’s not just time that’s not on our side. It’s money, honey. But the needs and wants are plenty and there are always preposterous things on the kids lists like graph paper bound in a composition notebook and over-priced, out-of-date scientific calculators and monogrammed gym clothes and insurance on computers that are crap to begin with.

back to school shopping
Shopping for a family of 9 looks like this on a light day…

And my all-time favorite move: showing up first day, with bells on and bags of stuff, only to watch it get processed with all the other stuff like a freaking factory. And I’m standing there all proud, like a dopey golden retriever, like this was my first time playing fetch. Look at me go!

No joke, it catches me off guard every time. Forget that this is officially my 13th back to school…with only 10 left to go. You think I would have it down by now, but the universe says nope. I get all romantic and wobbly about BTS just like the next mom and then get hurt by it just as quickly. Just add in: so long summer, with a pinch of they’re all getting older and surprise! Here’s your empty, excruciatingly quiet house you used to dream of.

If all this sounds depressing, then we’re in the same camp. What the above really just says to me is that as moms, we need to find more meaning during this time of year. It has to be more than just crossing stuff off a list and shipping your kids off to the next grade. Right?

Comfort is the enemy of progress So Called Mom
Comfort is the Enemy of progress: Great line, weird place to keep it.

I just need more than that from my family. Does that make me a needy mom? Shopping for school supplies needs to be special? Comfortable?Memorable even? Really? Or is it really just the passing of time that is what’s getting under my skin? Crossing off 6 pairs sneakers, 6 packs of markers and 3 prescription inhalers is really me just marking another year down.

Seaside, Oregon…all 9 of us!

OK new goal: Vacation time–and better than camping. Because there can be nothing better than sitting with your family on a beach somewhere passing time that way. Soon….


So Called Mom

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