Hello! I’m So Called Mom! So Nice to Meet You!

I’m a mother of seven kids in a blended family and I believe in bending the rules to live life to it’s fullest, even if it means we’ll learn some hard lessons along the way. I’m all about making room for us women to reclaim ourselves outside of momhood. Why? Because we keep striving to exist in a world where being a mom is only one thing. It only looks one certain way. And this sole description tells the rest of the world what a good mom looks like and what a bad mom looks like. This image contributes to anxiety, depression and the perpetuation of a perfectly ugly status quo. This So-Called Mom is not good or bad. She is complex, has “me time” and knows how to pick damn good looking underwear.

When we become wives and mothers we loose a big chunk of who we are and it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes it feels as though we’ve woken up in the middle of this baby-gym life and the kid’s are much older and everything feels out of control, or worse: dull and dreary from an extended stay in autopilot. When we return to being women first, who just so happen to be moms and wives too, we are happier; more complete–and maybe this is ultimately what helps us embrace the chaos of motherhood even more. My blog is the episiotomy…er, epitome of this and so much more. My stories and “advice” might make you uncomfortable, even.

Please join me on this adventure where I share everything from my Luxury Hotel Birth to riding my bike naked to embrace and promote body positivity, to letting my nine year old girl quit school to skateboard full-time, or how I bought a stolen vehicle for my teenage sons 17th birthday, or how to handle suburban social engineer moms. And let’s not forget parenting advice when you’re trying to motivate teenagers on a daily basis, or how bad my husband’s tennis elbow is because he won’t stop trying to balance the baby in the palm of his hand. All of this material comes from the most dynamic family subjects I know–my own!

This is us, living real life out loud. <3

Let me know what you have to say, I’d love to connect with you!


So-Called Mom

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