On Throwing your Children to the Wolves

Like all mom bloggers, I have a love-hate relationship with my blog. I think my particular case of this polarity is due to the nature of how much it keeps me accountable: I appreciate the reminder to follow through on what I’ve been promising so I can become a better So-Called Mom–but my old habits like to dig their heels in like a toddler who won’t get into his own bed at night. It is an adventure and of itself.

As a such, I have decided to address my helicopter mom issues full-steam-ahead with my 17-year-old son Jake. How? Well, I’ve decided to send him on a two week Outward Bound adventure.

I’m essentially throwing my child to the wolves to see if he will survive.


Wait–will he survive? Of course he will survive! But I’ve turned into a wreck all of a sudden, and I’m only at the point where I’m filling out paperwork. So unfortunately (and as predicted with my horrible heli-habits), I’ve made the conversation about me and whether or not I can survive Jake’s Outward Bound adventure. So here I am, vowing to keep myself in check all summer because if he even detects a sliver of anticipation from me, it’s over. Oh yeah, and also: I’d be flushing a bucket of money down the drain.

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Step one is to complete that paperwork: signed, sealed, delivered. Step two is to talk about getting into physical, mental and emotional shape with Jake–and actually following through with it. Lucky for him, I’ve had a personal trainer for a few weeks already, so he can follow my lead. Hey I know that’s probably more embarrassing than ideal, but I can’t let him go it alone for this part. He does need to be able to summit a glacier after all. The good news is, this kid already has a built-in love for the outdoors. Who knows, maybe this experience will lead him down a previously undiscovered career path? Fingers crossed.

This will be an adventure for us both and even though I’m (shhhhhh) terrified, I’m also very excited to see the outcome: An adult who is not only ready for his last year in high school, but excited and motivated by his own potential to life a fulfilling life. I promise to document our stages, trials and tribulations as we make our way to the finish line.

Pinecones & Needles,

So-Called Mom

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  1. I love your video. You are so genuine and you clearly love your son. I wouldn’t worry about being a helicopter mom so much. You just want him to be safe with all the craziness out there in the world and that is the world. I have helicopter parents (shhhhh. Don’t tell them I said so. Ha ha!) so I pretty much understand where you are coming from with all this. I am following along and I can’t wait to see what is next! Cheers!

  2. If I threw my children to the wolves at that age, they’d join the pack and never want to come back. I might not want to come back either.

    • I can’t wait–although for now, I’m more excited than he is. He’s still pretty apprehensive. So, the adventure starts now for him, even though his trek is not for another month.

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