Why add Feminism to your Wardrobe? ENTER THE WILDFANG GIVEAWAY HERE

I want to take a few minutes to speak about this giveaway, and why it’s important to me.

While I understand that clothes and fashion is trivial to some, it’s also viewed as self expression to others. Wearing no clothes at all is a way to express freedom, but so is selecting pieces that add to your voice.

For the next handful of days, I have a giveaway that I’m doing for a few key wardrobe staples from the awesome girl brand WILDFANG. Just follow the link to enter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/fc994a072/?

On August 1st, I’ll randomly select a winner.

Here is what I’m giving away:

So Called Mom WILDFANG Feminist Kit Giveaway

Good luck, thank you for helping me build up my community and for sharing my message. I hope you win!


So Called Mom

Feminism Meets the Claw Machine

With each passing and increasingly busy day, it’s easy to loose track of the little things that make life so smashing. I’m one of those people that gets so fixated on the process of crushing goals, that I loose track of where I’m at. What’s worse is when I get completely hung up over seemingly endless obstacles that I’m sure were put there just for me to struggle with. Everything I could ever want is right in front of me…yet just out of reach.

My favorite thing about having kids is that they live outside of this reality.

They possess the power to look at life so differently, that small wins can translate to larger than life victory laps. I am always re-learing this lesson from them, determined to pause and celebrate more, to recognize jackpot status and bask in that light like there’s no tomorrow.

Look, I realize it might be a stretch to tie this video to my month-long dedication to feminism as a family value, but there’s something about it that just makes sense. Could it be that our local claw machine favors no one and only delivers plushy magical goodness to those who truly believe? Maybe too easy an answer, but check it out:

So much of what we do in life is shaped by our thoughts, dreams, and sure, even claw machines. Sometimes you put a buck in and strike out. Other times, you strike gold. And it’s the gold moments that make it all worth it.

All those moments you lost, all the struggle and strife– is the reason you finally won.

Perseverance. That explanation works, too, but I’ll go a layer deeper.

If you look at your glass barrier and tools like a challenge and not an obstruction, you might just win big.

I like that perspective.

So Called Mom

So Called Mom WILDFANG Feminist Kit Giveaway

So Called Mom Feminist Starter Kit Giveaway

I’m so completely thrilled to announce a 2 week giveaway for a Feminist Start Kit: a bundle of wardrobe essentials from the innovative girl brand, WILDFANG, to build upon or give your burgeoning feminist wardrobe a boost. Now, I’m fully aware of how much I’ve been trumpeting that feminism doesn’t look any particular way, but hear me out.so called mom giveaway, feminism, wildfang

First of all, when I wear something that proclaims a statement, I feel supportive of the cause. It’s a solidarity thing. These shirts are definitely badass and you will feel it all around you when you have them on. Two, actually wearing a statement creates a mindset. Much like the negative things we tell ourselves and believe, the positive stuff has the same effect. So, why not surround yourself with a positive message, you Wild Feminist?! Third, and most importantly: Your kids will ask you, Hey Mom, what’s a feminist? And you can communicate a discussion that will change family thinking for a brighter future. Feminism is a family value. The more families out there boosting this message, the better. Join me!

I have only two weeks to hustle this giveaway. Enter through rafflecopter. Here are the details:

1. Follow WildFang & So Called Mom on INSTAGRAM (@wearewildfang) & (@thissocalledmom)

2. Repost the contest IMAGE from my INSTAGRAM & tag @wearewildfang and @thissocalledmom

3. Subscribe to So Called Mom on Youtube.

I’ll draw the winner and announce it August 1st.

Good Luck!

So Called Mom

body positivity, body positive, feminism

What Size is Body Positivity?

Since I posted about Body Positivity during the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, I have received a variety of responses. I thought it would be important to address some of the negativity since those comments seemed to come from folks who’ve completely missed the point.


Ignorant people do have a redeeming quality: they can change.

But it takes effort and a whole lot of consciousness. It takes unlearning things from a difficult childhood, releasing old hangups, and forgiving the crap that society has told them is true.

body positive, body positivity, any size, body shaming, inclusivity, intentionalism, feminism, feminist

I have read articles about how thin, attractive people should have nothing to say about body image.

You’re already perfect, so stop thinking you belong among the masses who aren’t. But I truly believe that a positive body image has very little to do with what size you are. That it affects all of us, no matter what category or stigma we find ourselves in. We all have the right to contribute our voices to this movement and it’ s important not to censor one another.


Our brains are programmed to believe everything we tell it, so it’s never too late to start giving it new and improved information.

So Called Mom

Wild Fang, Wild Feminists, Raising String Girls, Teenagers

The World Needs More Strong Girls

I have four girls age 9 – 15.  Each are strong in their own way; each more different than the rest.

Wild Fang, Wild Feminists, Raising String Girls, Teenagers


Milla is my second girl, and at 14-years-old, she is very much her own person. Earlier this year she announced to the family that she was a lesbian – a pretty big admission for someone so young. Ever since, I have been encouraging her to keep carving her own path. While she has no trouble doing this,  I’m still a bit  nervous for when she enters high school this fall. Milla describes herself as “odd,” and I think that’s pretty self-aware for a kid.

My goal  is to help protect her sense of difference in a high school culture where being the same is critical for inclusion – and usually safe from being teased and bullied.Feminism, LGBTQ, Teenagers


I have total confidence that she will ultimately find her way, because she doesn’t share my fears. She’s utterly committed to who she is and has a few really smart things to say about being a strong woman.


Milla is a hero in her own right, not because she’s wise beyond her years or possesses a voice that can rock the nation at 14 years old — it’s that she already  honors herself first. She’s up for the challenging road ahead; having chosen to oppose conformity even though she knows that makes her an outlier, even in a so-called progressive city like Portland.

She is courageous and taking an active role (whether she fully knows it or not) in establishing the new “normal”.

Feminism, LGBTQ, Self Love, Teenager

This is a great example of feminism that goes against the grain of stereotypes. The stigma of feminists is that of a loud, in-your-face activist female, an image ingrained after years of seeing and hearing about only this one narrative. And while we love, embrace and honor these brave souls, there are many faces of feminism.

You can be a strong, self-assured and uncorked 14 year old with a mission.

It’s about being  the persistent, unstoppable, you.

So Called Mom